Weighted toys: The self-soothing tool for all ages



Weighted soft toys may look like any other soft toy on the market, cute, cuddly, and loveable. But in reality, they are so much more. 

The pressure of their weight, paired with their floppy body, make these toys feel truly life-like, and their hugs genuinely feel like the real thing. 

The benefits of weighted toys

Weighted toys provide a whole host of health benefits thanks to their ability to provide deep touch pressure therapy (DTP). 

Deep pressure or deep touch pressure therapy is firm tactile sensory input that provides proprioceptive input to the whole body. This can consist of firm hugs or strokes, cuddling, hugging, squeezing, compression, or swaddling. When administered to the whole body, DTP has a calming, organizing effect on children and adults alike. 

Here are some of the benefits of deep pressure touch stimulation:

  • fights insomnia
  • eases sensory processing disorder
  • reduces anxiety
  • relieves stress
  • treats symptoms of restless leg syndrome
  • improves sleep
  • encourages calmness
  • improves mood
  • encourages focus
  • relieves pain
  • eases PTSD symptoms
  • soothes panic attacks
  • manages OCD symptoms

For children:

Weighted toys are the perfect cuddle companion that all children love and need.

Suitable for children aged 3 years and above, these toys are particularly helpful for those who are learning to process sensory input more effectively, children with anxiety, high levels of stress and/or overstimulation.

These toys provide a range of benefits for children, such as: 

Helping to develop gross & fine motor skills 

Grasping and waving a soft toy helps small children develop their fine and gross motor skills.

Providing comfort 

Soft toys are a sense of comfort when a child feels anxious, irritated, upset or lonely.

Relieving separation anxiety 

Young children often suffer from separation anxiety when away from their parents, whether it be at bed time or in settings such as day care, kinder or school.

Having their furry friend close by can help to relive separation anxiety.

For adults:

The thought of a fully grown adult snuggling up to a soft toy might sound a little silly, however, research shows the immense benefits of weighted toys for adults.

Weighted toys can help improve an adults mood and sleep, reduce anxiety and stress, and promote a feeling of calmness. The weight in the toys creates a heavy sensation that allows us to feel as though we are being hugged or cuddled, leading to a sense of security and improved mental health.

Weighted toys are also a great alternative to using a weighted blanket, especially during the warmer months. 

For dementia patients:

Soft toys are comfortable to hold and super cuddly, making them the perfect lap companion for elderly persons with cognitive loss.

Weighted toys can reduce agitation and aggressive behaviours in patients with dementia, and have been known to reduce responsive behaviours, feelings of anxiety and withdrawal.

In conclusion, weighted toys act as a self-soothing tool for people of all ages.  When investing in a weighted toy, you will not only receive a furry friend for life, but an invaluable tool that provides focus, relaxation, better sleep and much much more.

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