Silicone: The safer choice for baby feeding products



Silicone is arguably the best material to choose when buying feeding items and tableware for your toddler. The material is perfectly durable, long-lasting, non-toxic and made from BPA-free, food-grade silicone.  

Silicone suction feeding sets are designed to provide parents with a convenient and hassle-free way to let their growing babies and children practice eating on their own.  Also promotes and develops fine motor skills. Let your kids eat without having to worry about them making a mess on the floor or dropping their plates to ensure a mess-free, stress-free mealtime.

If you are looking for the perfect alternative to plastic feeding and utensils, there are several materials to choose from.  But there’s many reasons why silicone products should be on the top of your list.  Here’s why:

They are easy to maintain.

As a parent, you already have enough to do. There’s a mess to clean, a baby to take care of, and a bunch of dishes to wash. Make things easier for yourself with silicone feeding products. They are stain-resistant, odourless, and can be thrown straight into the dishwasher after use.

They are baby-safe.

Your childs safety is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to putting anything inside their mouths. Fortunately, our feeding sets are 100% food grade quality, BPA free, and completely safe.

Additionally, silicone is known to be hypoallergenic and has no open pores that can attract bacteria. They’re resistant to high temperatures as well. You can place them inside the microwave or dishwasher with no problem.

They are environmentally friendly.

One alarming concern when using plastic utensils is its effect on the environment. Plastic items usually end up in the landfill, or worse, the ocean. They destroy marine life and can release toxic chemicals such as BPS.

This is not a problem with silicone products. They are durable and reusable, preventing you from generating unnecessary waste. Plus, they’re recyclable and don’t release harmful substances when incinerated.

Baby feeding bundles are a cost effective option when purchasing tableware and Hush Little Babe have a huge collection to choose from. 

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