So... Do Dad's need a nappy bag?



So... Do Dad's need a nappy bag?

When a man leaves the house, the usual checklist involves the bare essentials. Wallet, keys, phone… and not a lot else.

But when a Dad needs to leave the house with a baby? Well that's a whole different story! 

So... Do Dad's need a nappy bag?

Allow us to lay down some logic for you. Here's a Dad with a baby. That baby needs nappies. Nappies go in a nappy bag. Conclusion: Yes, Dad's need nappy bags. 

The simple fact is that any Dads who plan to go anywhere with their baby need a bag in which to keep all the stuff that their baby might need. And while they could share a bag with their partner, or just throw a couple of extra nappies into their gym bag, neither of those option are the best choice.

Firstly, the arguments over who forgot to put the blanket back in, to who never re-fills the nappies, and of course, who left the nappy bag in their car and drove said car to work, leaving the other partner, well, nappy bag less.  And lets be honest, what man wants to carry a pink and floral tote bag anyway....  

Secondly, A nappy bag is more than just a standard bag.  It's designed to carry the full arsenal of all the baby supplies one might need when leaving the house with a baby.  What's more, it's designed to keep it all organised.

Now because men aren't always super keen for a nappy bag shopping spree, nor are they always super switched on when it comes to essential baby supplies and packing a nappy bag on the go, we decided to lend them a helping hand. 

Introducing.... THE. DAD. BAG.

A simple backpack pre-loaded with baby essentials.  Genius! 

The Dad Bag includes:

  • 1 backpack
  • 1 change mat
  • 1 double pocket wet bag
  • 1 blanket
  • 1 bunny comforter
  • 1 silicone bib

Check it out here:  THE. DAD. BAG. pre-filled nappy bag for dad! – Hush Little Babe

Want to hear more? Well continue...

The backpack

The spacious main compartment allows room for all baby essentials, and with multiple exterior and interior pockets, organization is simply effortless.

It will carry everything that Dad requires from a quick trip to the shop to a full day out. 

Generous in size with multiple internal and external pockets, this bag is ideal for all Dad's on the go.  Incorporating a large separate insulated pocket for bottles and food so they stay nice and fresh.

Size:  26x16x40cm

The change mat

Nappy change mats are a nappy bag must-have when out and about. Our premium nappy changing mat has a water-resistant PUL backing and features a bright, gender neutral print.

Topped with soft, luxury velour that provides a comfy place to lay your baby down anywhere a nappy change is needed, offering both a comfortable and hygienic surface.

 Size: 40x70cm

The wet bag

Featuring 2 separate pockets, 1 for wet and 1 for dry, wet bags are designed for conveniently storing nappies and wet items on the go.  Super handy when there's no bins in sight and/or you dont have a plastic bag!

They're also waterproof and smell proof.

Outer material:  Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) laminated fabric

Inner material:  Waterproof PUL

Size:  30cm x 40cm

The bib

Silicone baby bibs are a great alternative to traditional cotton bibs. They are easy to clean, do an amazing job of containing mess, and are soft, durable, comfortable and free from harmful chemicals.

The blanket

Blankets are not only useful for keeping baby warm and for sleep time.  Amongst other things, they can be used as:

  • Picnic blankets
  • Sun shields
  • Play mats
  • Trolley covers

Our snuggle blanket is soft and cozy, perfect for all seasons.

Size: 100cm x 80cm

90% acrylic 10% nylon

The comforter

A need for comfort is part of being human, and comfort objects help baby to feel calm, secure and loved.

Comforters give baby a sense of reassurance and familiarity. They are also useful to help baby self-soothe.

Made from soft organic cotton, this comforter can also be used as a burp cloth or face washer.

 So, what do you think?  Do Dad's need a nappy bag?



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