Hey there Dads! We need to talk...


Unveiling the Hidden Magic

Hey there Dads, we need to talk…..

It’s time we had a heart-to-heart about those little bundles of joy that light up our lives, our adorable babies, and the enchanting world of photography. We totally acknowledge your talent for capturing those inaugural baby steps and the legendary nappy debacles, and let’s be honest, you've assumed the coveted VIP status in our collection of photos. Your charismatic presence has transformed our family albums into a gallery of moments where well… YOU take centre stage.

Let’s explore this phenomenon.  While dads effortlessly find themselves in the spotlight, front and centre of countless pictures, we, THE MUMS, often discover the camera playing hide-and-seek when it's time to document the tender moments with our tiny sidekicks.

It's an intriguing dance, isn't it? Dads seem to have an almost magnetic attraction to the camera lens. Whether it's the impromptu baby-cradling snapshots or the heroic nappy-changing chronicles, dads effortlessly become the stars of the visual narrative. There's a certain magic in the way the camera gravitates towards dads during those memorable family escapades – a phenomenon that we can't help but appreciate. Yet, in the midst of all this photographic adoration, there remains a subtle imbalance. While dads are capturing the limelight, we mums find ourselves orchestrating the scenes, only to discover that the camera has decided to go MIA just when we yearn for those cherished moments to be immortalized.

So, dear dads, it's high time we set sail on a quest to bridge the visual divide. Although your picture-perfect moments are undeniably marvellous, there's an additional layer of beauty just waiting to be captured.  Let's make sure the camera evolves into a neutral storyteller with both mum and dad taking the stage alongside baby.  Our visual tale will not only highlight significant milestones but also embody the true essence of our collective journey – a narrative filled with joy, love, and the charming chaos that defines our unique passage through parenthood. 

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